Guildford has never really been associated with escorts but now Guildford has two escorts agencies like Guildford escorts are some of the the most stunning, and prettiest escorts in Southern England at you will not be disappointed if you arrange a date with one or two of Guildford escorts.

A lot of local gents have never dated Guildford escorts but traveled up to London when they required a bit of sexy companionship. That has all changed since the two new Guildford escorts agencies opened, and Guildford escorts finally arrived on the scene. Many local gents now prefer dating Guildford escorts rather than London girls, and that has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.

You can’t say that London babes are too happy about the new agencies that have opened up in the area, and the ladies of London have lost some of their best dates. After all, Guildford is part of the English stock broker belt, and many stock brokers do fancy a bit of female companionship after a long day on the trading floors of the City of London.

Guildford Angels

Guildford Angels is probably Guildford’s elite agency, and it caters for the most discerning gentlemen. They offer a good variety of sexy blonde and brunette escorts, and many of the ladies who date through this agency are exclusive to its books. You will not find many of these ladies dating elsewhere.

The Guildford Angels do have different specials that they like to offer, and I would be surprised if you wouldn’t be able to find your fetish catered for with Guildford Angels. All of the angels are absolutely stunning, and you can expect to be able to date the most flawless ladies with Guildford Angels. The ladies cater for many tastes but you can’t say that they belong to the ranks of the WI.

Guildford Kittens

Guildford Kittens is another brave new agency that has thrown it doors open to the online dating. It is rather different from Guildford Angels, and offer a totally different chocolate box selection. The ladies who date though this agency include various ethnic minorities, so if you are a gent who gets hot under the collar for a bit of Indian or Far East, this is the agency that you should turn to.

Unlike the Angels, Guildford Kittens can purr for you 24/7 and they promise to never let you down. This is the agency that will provide with the most daring and open minded ladies this side of the Thames. If, you are looking for a bit of extra talent, don’t look any further than Guildford Kittens.

Whether you decide to have a Guildford Angel offer you blissful delights, or a Guildford Kitten purr for you, it sounds like there are many different options available for you in Guildford. So why travel all the way up to London when everything is here for you in Guildford?

The two agencies may be opposites, but as we know, opposites attract and this is the main benefit of having two such diverse agencies right on your door step.

Guildford Escorts Online Dating
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