I have always been a bit of a voyeur, says Alan who dates cheap London escorts. Some of the girls who work here think I am a bit nuts, but my dream date are always duo dates. I love the fact that I can watch two gorgeous bisexual girls, and I think this is one of the best services London escorts have come up with in recent years. There are quite a few Voyeur societies about, and many of the girls that I date, are fairly open minded about my rather unusual hobby. Being a Voyeur means that you like to look at someone who is performing an intimate or personal activity.

One of the best ways for me to enjoy my hobby is to go to swingers parties. There are quite a few swingers that actually like to be watched. Of course, it is really boring to go on your own, so I often take pretty girl from cheap London escorts withe me. Not all London escorts services are okay about that, so you really need to ask first of all. I use a VIP agency in London, and most of the girls at this agency are more than happy to come along.

I got into this hobby from quite an early age, and it started with porn movies. After that I started to date London escorts on regular basis, and it just sort of carried on from there. I have a couple of really hot babes at cheap  London escorts who sort of share my interest, and we do go out together. Sometimes, it is just something really simple as watching somebody get dressed, but there are now a lot of movies as well. I arrange a mini party for some of favorite London escorts, and we get together at watch Voyeur movies together.

It is all about being open minded and sort of generous with your spirit. Finding regular girlfriends who enjoy this hobby is kind of difficult, and is probably one of the prime reason I have gotten into dating London escorts. I am not addicted to dating cheap London escorts, but they are the only girls who I can find that enjoy my little fun hobby. Most other girls think that I am a bit strange, but really I am not. Just like many other people, I hold down a regular job and have fun other ways as well.

Will I give up my hobby? To be honest, I am not so sure how I would be able to give up my hobby. It is not the most unusual hobby in the world, but it is also a need and a desire. I am not so sure what would happen if I could not act my hobby out. Maybe I will try that some day but at the moment, I am not prepared to do that. So far, my hobby has not got me into trouble, but I am always very careful and ask if I can watch first of all.

What is voyeurism
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