I have recently found out that my girlfriend is bisexual. It worries me a great deal because I have got into my head that I am not satisfying her. I am sure that there are many other men out there who have bisexual girlfriends who found themselves thinking along the same lines. But, I have an additional issue that I feel is affecting me. My girlfriend works for a cheap London escorts. She has been a London escort for some time and says that she loves working for London escorts.  

Of course, I am concerned about the future of our relationship. My biggest concern is that my girlfriend dates other men while she is on duty with London escorts. Does that mean that by the time she comes home to me, that she has had enough of men? I have been thinking about this a lot recently. A large number of London escorts are bisexual and I wonder if it has something to do with the job that they do. At the end of the night, perhaps they crave female love instead of male attention.  

My girlfriend says that she will never give up working for London escorts. She gets a real kick out of escorting and love to have fun with the other girls at London escorts. I know that she spends time with the other girls who work for the same escort agency in London. She does not always tell me what happens, but I have got this feeling that they get together to have female orgies when they have a night off. I am not sure that I am perfectly comfortable about that.  

Does my girlfriend talk about what she does when she hangs out with her London escorts friends? Even though we have been together for almost a year now, my girlfriend has never told me anything about what happens when she meets up with her friends. Okay, she has told me that she is bisexual but I am not sure that she has been bisexual since we have been together. Perhaps she only goes out with her girlfriends to have a good time and party a little bit, just like I do with my friends.  

Have I told any of my friends that my girlfriend is bisexual and works for London escorts? No, I haven’t. But, one of the girls who hangs out with my best mate, is suspecting something. I have never really been sure about this girl’s sexuality. There are times when I think that she is bisexual herself. If that is the case, perhaps she recognises something in my girlfriend. Maybe she has come to realise that my girlfriend is bisexual and crave both male and female sexual attention. The problem is that this is not something that you actually sit down and talk about over dinner. I feel that I want to feel good about our relationship, but I am finding that is very difficult. Could it be that she is not the right girl for me?

My Girlfriend Is Bisexual!
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