Recently I had to turn down a guy when i worked for the sexiest outcall escorts website. He wanted us to have a private relationship, but that is not what I am into at all. I am rather dedicated to working for London escorts, and if I started to have private relationships with the guys I date at the escorts agency in London, it would really compromise my career. However, he kept on contacting me, and now I feel someone is following me around when I am not at the escort agency.
I would not be the first girl at London escorts to have attracted a stalker. This is not the first London escorts service I have worked for, and I have come across other London escorts who have had stalkers. Many of them have been gentlemen that they have dated in the past, and they have been turned away from the escort agency for one reason or another, Not very different from my own story. My boss is aware of the situation, and he has told the girls on reception that I don’t want anything to do with this guy. However, there is no way that he can control what happens outside of the agency, and if my former London escorts date is following me around, there is precious little i can do about it, if he feels wants a relationship with me. I do worry a little bit, and sometimes when I leave my London escorts boudoir at night, it does feel like someone has “eyes on me” when I walk down the street. Have I been to the police? I have been to the police, and explained my situation. The female police officer was very nice and did not seem to mind that I worked for a London escorts service. She gave me some good tips on how to stay safe, and recently, I have been taking a taxi instead. It has made me feel a little bit safer, but I still feel that someone has “eyes on me” and is following me around even when I have a day off from London escorts.
The other day I was out shopping, and I thought I saw a glimpse of the guy I used to date at London escorts. I was just browsing through this special offer rack in a London department store when I saw him. He seemed to be looking right at me with cold eyes, and it scared me. Fortunately, there was a big crowd in the store and I managed to get away. I was in a panic and ran straight into the arms of another one of my dates. He took me for coffee and made me calm down a bit. I am pretty sure that I am not imagining this, and I know that someone is following me around a lot of the time. The scary thing is, that I think this guy knows where I live. I always used to feel so safe in London, but now I don’t any more. It is the most awful feeling, and you feel your life is gradually being taken away from you.
Who is following me around London?
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