Notice me and what I am thinking at all. They do not realise that I am just not interested on some cheap relationship just because society dictates me that I should have a girlfriend by now. What I am interested in is living my life the best that I could possibly do and try everything that I can to show that I can make it in this world. But for that to happen I have to be strong and distinctive about what should I be doing next in my life. I do not want to wait for a very long time but I also want to be smart about what I should do in the meantime. First and foremost I have to be very careful about following what people expectations of me. I do not want to be a slave in the society that I am living in. that’s why I am planning to do all the hard work and begin from nothing. But that is not what happened to me when I was able to meet a Kent escort of This Kent escort was clearly looking for someone who can be there for her and her beautiful belittle daughter. This Kent escort is obviously a single mother but she has so much going for her. I do not understand what this Kent escort’s boyfriend was thinking when she let of this amazing woman in his life. I was really thinking that maybe someday she would accept me as her man and a person that would be a father to his daughter. I would not even recognize the number of times where i dream about her every time I sleep. But I know now that the only thing for me to do is try to impress this Kent escort a little bit so that she would be able to notice her. I thought that she would never recognize me but I was wrong. From that moment on I slowly built a relationship with her and her beautiful daughter and each day that I am alive I feel really good about every single thing that we are happy about. I do not know what is the reason why this Kent escort stayed single for a very long time when I can clearly see that a lot of people would kill to have her in their lives. That’s why I am really aware of the fact that I should just try to connect with her been more and try to rebuild her trust amongst men. I can see that this Kent escort is having a really hard time trusting a man in her life after what her ex-boyfriend did to her. I have no intention on harming this lady because I know how rare she trusts a man in her life and I want to be one.

The time has come for me to finally settle down with a single mom Kent escort.
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