I am one of those girls who work for https://charlotteaction.org/basildon-escorts Basildon escorts on a part time basis. Most of the other girls are full time, but I can only work on a part time basis. When I first started to work for the agency, I did work full time, but then I was discovered by a photographer who works for a bikini modeling agency. He thought that I would make a great bikini model because I had such long legs.

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Well, I have a really great boobs as well, and the guy that I work with, says that he loves them because they are real. You can always tell a pair of fake boobs, and if you are planning to take your bikini model seriously, you should really try to stay as natural as possible. It has helped me with my career with Basildon escorts as well, I have noticed that the majority of the guys that I date at the agency, really seem to prefer the natural look.

Anyway, the guy who takes my photographs has given me a batch of photos which I could use for Basildon escorts. He says that I should only use them to promote my bikini modeling carer as it could earn me more money if I worked at it a bit harder, but I am tempted to use the photos for Basildon escorts. They are really hot and sexy, and I think that I would get even more dates at the agency if I put them under my profile.

The other girls at Basildon escorts say that I should not use them. At first I thought they were a bit crazy but I know what they mean. I am sort of getting my two careers mixed up. Personally I don’t mind that my gents at the agency know that I am a bikini model, but I don’t think that the clients who use my photos, would appreciate seeing them on an escort website. Of course, the boss would love to have the photos on the site of Basildon escort services.

I am still not sure what I should do. Yes, it would be great to have more dates at Basildon escorts, but I don’t really want to miss out on more bikini work. As I have been working really hard, I have been rather successful at the bikini modeling, and I now have my first foreign assignments. It would be great to make bikini modeling my main career, so I have to be careful what I do. I don’t want put any prospective new clients off, so perhaps I would be better off leaving my bikini babes photos of the Basildon escort website for now. It is so hard to know what to do. I would love to show my bikini photos off to my gents, but I do know what the photographer means. A lot of bikini companies do not want you to be an escort as well. It may give someone the wrong impression of their bikini range.

Should I Use my Bikini Shoots to Promote My Work at Basildon escorts?
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