If I can say anything to Diane Walters now, I would say to her face all the things that she did in the past that resulted in my miserable life. Diane Walters was a young and beautiful nurse in a hospital. I meet her because I admitted to the hospital for a severe fever. She was the nurse assigned to me, she was great.

Diane was a complete professional and took good care of me when I was extremely weak. She took extra time to ask me anything to make me feel better because she knows that I was in deep pain at that time. For some reason, I fell in love with Diane even though she was doing her job as a nurse. I accredited her for me being well. On my head, she was the reason why I was back to normal which is not true at all. I was utterly obsessed with this girl; she was the only thing that I can think of for over a month.

I wanted to see her again, but I could not think of any ways to ask her out. I’m afraid that she would feel that I’m a complete freak and will get scared of me. So I waited for my chance. It finally came when one of my family members homesick and had to be admitted to the hospital. Luckily she was the nursed assigned to us again. It was destiny. Out of all the nurses in the hospital, she was the one. I’ve pounced on the opportunity and asked her out immediately after I seen her. I told her if she remembered me and thanked her for taking good care of me.

I asked her if I can repay her for the kindness she had shown to me by taking her on a date. Thankfully she did not decline my offer even though I’m still a complete stranger in her life. Our date went well already in my head. I’ve fallen in love with this girl even more after our date. I believe that our feelings were mutual that’s why I asked her again for another date. But after going out several times, she finally told me the truth about her.

Diane Walters had already a husband and a child. I was shocked I did not know how to respond to her. I was stunned by what she told me. She apologized for what she had done to me, but the damage was done. Moving on from her is not easy for me, thankfully there were London Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/ who helped me. London Escorts was a complete angel in my life. London Escorts were the one responsible for me being happy again.

London Escorts is like an angel in my life.
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