I was so hurt and upset that I just wanted to withdraw from life and not clap eyes on other woman. It was not going to change overnight. Instead, I sort of ended up going for a bit of a slow burn as they would say at NASA. Bit by bit I started to join real life again. Most of the time it was some sort of work engagement that dragged me out of my shoe box of a flat in Clapham, and I have to admit that I was not prepared for what happened during one business dinner at all.


I still just about managed to keep up my social engagements with work. At times it was hard work to sit there and smile and be pleasant when you felt down in the dumps. That was before I met Lucinda from Clapham escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/clapham-escorts. When we first met I did not know that she worked for Clapham escorts. It was not until the end of the evening when she told me that she was an escort. I was so surprised because she was not what I had expected a girl from an escort service to be like.


When I looked at Lucinda, she seemed very much like an ordinary girl. I thought that she was related to one of the gents around the table. Perhaps a daughter or visiting niece, but the truth turned out to be different. When I came home that evening, I checked out Clapham escorts online, and there she was. She had not been joking with me, she did indeed work for the local escort service.


I did not really want to get involved, but over the next few days, I sort of started to miss Lucinda. She had not given a personal telephone number or any other means to contact her privately, and I was not sure that calling Clapham escorts was the right thing to do in my case. What would be expected of me? Anyway, later that week I could still not get her out of my mind, so I ended up calling Clapham escorts on the off chance that Lucinda was going to be available for a date. I was asked what kind of date I was looking for, and I anxiously mentioned dinner date as that was the only kind of date I could think of a the time.


It was not long before I was sitting next to Lucinda from Clapham escorts in a bar in Clapham. We talked a little bit of everything and when I suggested that we go for a curry, Lucinda jumped at the chance to enjoy a curry with me. I turned out that we both loved Indian food, and since that day, we have been enjoying dinner on a regular basis. Lucinda has sort of managed to ease me back into a regular social life again, and I am so glad that I had that need to suddenly see her again. Will we see more of each other? If I have my way, we most certainly will enjoy each other’s company again.

I would be ready to join normal life again.
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