Before I moved up to London, I used to live in a little village in Hampshire. The village is called Stockbridge and is one of those really pretty Hampshire villages that you get in that part of the world. It has its own trout stream and the ducks walk across the high street. I used to love it when I was younger, but as I got older, I did feel that a little bit bored. When I finished school, I decided that I would move away, and eventually I ended up in London.


The jobs market in London was very competitive but I ended up working for a a bar in Soho. After a couple of months working in the bar, I realised that I could better for myself, and started to look around for something else. That is when I came across London escorts. I was not sure at first that it was the right place for me to work, but I got to know a couple of the London escorts who worked for the agency. They seemed happy enough.


Still it took me another couple of months to apply to work for the escort agency in London. Little by little my attitude to life was changing, and I felt that I was sort of becoming more of a London girl than a village girl. I was beginning to love my knew life in London and decided that I wanted to stay. But as London is not cheap, I needed to finance my London lifestyle in some way, and working for London escorts would be the perfect way to do so.


When I joined London escorts, I was sharing a  flat with a couple of other girls. It was okay, but it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Lots of people who live in London can never afford to buy anything and I did not want that to be me. After I had been working for the escort agency in London for a little while, I realised that I had a chance to really make something out of my life in London. Instead of spending all of my money in junk, I started to save it instead.


It is now two years later, and I have just found a flat that I would like to buy. I am still working for London escorts, and I intend to stay there for at least an other year. My parents don’t know that I work for an escort service in London. To me it does not matter so much. I focus on all of the positive things that I have been able to achieve since I moved to London. Sure, I could have stayed in our little Hampshire village but I think that I would just have ended up frustrated. I am so glad that I found somewhere to live, and I think I am going to continue to enjoy living in London, but I might just get a bolt hole in Stockbridge.

How I became a big town girl
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