If you have not as yet met the man of your dreams, I want you to know that he is out there somewhere. A year ago, I may not have said the same thing, but now I know that love can come true. I even met my man at Edgware escorts and that is really what makes it so surprising. Some girls are convinced that they are going to find true love, but you can say that I was not even sold on the idea of true love. So when I met my man, I was taken back.

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It was a horrible winter’s evening in London, and the love of my life was my last date of the evening. No sooner had I opened the door to my boudoir when I had I looked into his eyes. He looked a bit like a drowned rat at the time, and I hurriedly handed him a towel and let him. Even his feet were soaked, and I realised that I had not worn my wellies into Edgware escorts that day. But I was more concerned with my gent.

Despite being soaked, he gave me a nice smile and I poured him a medicinal brandy to warm hip up. He said that he had thought about not coming, and calling Edgware escorts to cancel, but he did not want to let me down. Instead he had made his way over to me, and when I looked at him, I soon realised that there was something about him that I really liked. Did he turn me on? I think that he did but I cannot remember that.

A couple of weeks later, I realised that we had been seeing each other a lot. He seemed to like me and I knew that I really liked him. It was hard to stop talking and I did not have a clue that this was going to be the beginning to the rest of my life. We kept on meeting and late nights eventually turned into full days and so on. He was one of a kind and I knew that I was falling in love with this gent who had turned up at Edgware escorts, on a cold night.

Today, I am closing the door on my Edgware escorts boudoir for the last time. Alex has sold his company and we are about to do something incredible. He has always wanted to live in Hawaii, and today, we are going to move to Hawaii. We have already been there to buy a house and I cannot believe this is happening to me. I am happy I am going, and I know that what happened on that cold and rainy night in London, has changed my life forever. Am I looking forward to the rest of my life? You bet that I am, and I know that I am going to love spending the rest of my life with Alex in Hawaii.

Have you meet the man of your dreams yet?
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