All of us want to have a happy and long-lasting relationship. But there are moments in our life we have to give up people for the sake of our freedom. We have to save ourselves before we lose it. Relationships supposed to be the source of happiness, it should give you satisfaction in life and fulfill your fantasies. I thought I have the best partner in life, but I was wrong after her real attitudes fade a long time. Perhaps, you cannot hide your exact color for a long time, because your personality will always come out no matter how you control it.


I came from a wealthy family, but I am not a boastful man and remain humble in life. I want to find a woman that loves me for who I am and not for what I can. I don’t want her to be fooled by anything I have in life. Things are just temporary, we never knew when it would be gone, and I do not want that when vices in lives gone, also my girlfriend too. And I decided to disguise myself, I enrolled in a public school and tried a simple life. I told my parents about my decision even they do not support me in the end, I am the one followed. I also rent a small room for me, and budget myself for a little money. I want to experience real life, that if ever the time will come there is nothing left for me, its okay because I know how to live life in the more simplest way. Maybe it is hard, but I have learned to become patients.


I go to a public school where no one knows my family or me. I introduce myself being a simple citizen and difficult in life, very far from my real life. I gather friends and like how ordinary people do and spend with a little amount of money but abundance with happiness. I experienced to have real friends that will offer help when you needed it the most. I met Jessica; she is one of the pretty ladies on the campus. I heard she has a crush on me and she often ask me to hang out with her. Later on, we became together, and it was okay at first. When I get comfortable, I told her the truth, and she changes after. She became demanding and different from what I know with her. She gets angry when I date her in inexpensive restaurants. And so I decided to break the relationship because we always fight for non-sense.


I went to Hendon to move on, where I meet a Hendon Escorts of that had to help me to forget pain every time I book one. It was a pleasure to move to London when I give up my poor relationship with my girlfriend.

Giving up my poor relationship and move to Hendon to meet a Hendon Escorts
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