It gets very lonely in my apartment when summer comes. Living alone in the city is not an easy thing to do. I am used to be around with people that I love all of the time. But I have no choice; I already committed a lot to have a decent job in the city. The biggest reason that I still am able to stay here is that of my friends. My friends are very supportive of me. The majority of them knows what it’s like to be me because they had already experienced it in the past. Most of my friends started to like me, but they preserver through the pain and is very successfully now. I would want to end up like them. I am determined and hopeful that one day, I will become rich and live a happy life. For now, I have to focus on my job because it’s all that I have. I have one problem, my boss. He always gives me a hard time all day. I feel that he is manipulating me to do all of his work. I know that it is my job to do that because he is my boss but something is not right. Sometimes he makes me go on overtime to do some of his work without pay. That’s how ruthless he is. I told my friends about it, and they said that what my boss is doing is not right.


They said that he is a selfish man who does not deserve me. I don’t have any choice but to follow his orders even though I know it’s abuse. I have to stay strong at this time for my parents. I am the only person they rely on to buy their medicine. I can not afford to lose this job at all. Sometimes I feel tempted to report my boss to the officers at work, but I am afraid I’m just going to get fired. All I can do is hope for better things to come. Complaining about it is not going to solve anything at all. I desperately need someone to help me in my life because my work is killing me. I do not really have time for love because I am always busy. Even though they are very many beautiful single ladies at work, I would rather not waste my time in committing myself in a relationship because I do not want to get distracted from my goals. That is why I book Essex escorts at Essex escorts help me out in relieving the stress I have from work. I think that Essex escorts are the right ladies for me because they are like me, they do not want any commitments.

Essex escorts help me out in relieving all the stress I have from work.
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