Some people are unfortunate enough to find their true love. Relationship nowadays is horrible; you don’t know if it works out, or end up. Nowadays, there are lots of temptations around, yet it will always depend on the couple. Some couples aren’t strong enough to handle the relationship, either it’s because of immaturity or no love at all. I believe that if the person loves you, there’s no reason for you to do terrible acts that can entirely ruin the relationship.


I’ve been in many relationships, yet I don’t think that I find someone that is matched in me. Maybe I was wrong in rushing love, I felt that it could be good for me, that I can find love and comfort with them that lasts for a lifetime. I am so fond of love stories that sometimes I want it to happen to me. I believe in a happy ending but maybe this wasn’t my time.


The one that hit me hard was my last relationship, maybe because I see myself marrying her and already had plans for my proposal to her. It was too late that I know that she betrays me. She let me assume too much about what we have, thought that all this time she is honest and faithful to me. My ex-girlfriend name is Clarice; we knew each other at school. She and I always partner in every school competition, it wasn’t a good start for us. I am not in the mood still because it was also the time that I broke up with my girl, she keeps telling me to review, but I am so annoyed with her. One time I yelled at her that made her cry. I am very sorry for what I did, and so I surprised her to recover. After that, I became kind to her, and she caught my heart. She was very generous, and helpful to me too. She always takes care of me and makes me happy. Slowly I forgot my ex-girlfriend and found Clarice attractive. We get along quickly and comfortable. I decided to court her, prove and show my love in many ways. Until she confirmed my love and became official. She and I become best friends and lover too. We had a great relationship that I save money for my proposal to her. When everything is set, its when she finally tells me the truth, she is pregnant with another guy.


I was so shook hearing it, very depressed for months. Until I visit Canary Wharf in London and book a Canary Wharf Escorts of It was a great experience I have with Canary Wharf Escorts because for a while I forget about pain and problems. Canary Wharf Escorts makes you feel special like no one else can.

Canary Wharf Escorts makes you feel special like no one else can
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